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The uneventful days of the humble miller Otto are thrown into chaos one morning when he rolls out of bed to discover his beloved sister Bronwyn has been kidnapped! The culprit is a mysterious knight in black armour; the only clue left in his wake is a bag of gold coins minted with the profile of an unknown woman. Joining forces with the beautiful and enigmatic adventurer Switch, and the mischievous fairy Echo, our hero sets forth on a journey through the forgotten corners of his homeland in pursuit of the black knight and the sinister forces behind him. But on the way Otto will discover much more than he anticipated in this tale of romance, swashbuckling action, and adventure!

  • A concise, fully-realised visual novel inspired by genre classics
  • 60,000 words clocking in at around 5-7 hours of reading
  • De luxe hand-drawn character and background artwork
  • Dozens of bespoke illustrations depicting key moments in the story
  • A memorable original soundtrack that brings the adventure to life
  • All for absolutely free!

After losing his parents to a plague, the disappearance of his older brother, and suffering an injury that left him hobbled, Otto feels as though the wheel of fortune has tossed him aside and left him to rot. When his sister, his sole remaining family, is inexplicably kidnapped, this retiring and passive youth decides he's lost quite enough and resolves to take his destiny into his own hands.

From the scorching deserts of Casper comes this wily and free-spirited adventurer, hot on the trail of a series of kidnappings she's been tasked with investigating. When her path crosses with that of Otto's, the two team up in the spirit of mutual interest. But the appearance of such a stalwart ally seems almost too good to be true; just what other motivations does she harbour behind her lovely face and disarming smile?

A certain incident in a magical forest thrusts the presence of this adorable, disagreeable creature into Otto and Switch's reluctant company. Living for thousands of years has granted Echo a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, but extracting anything of the sort past her dismissive and haughty personality may well prove to be an exercise in futility.

Probably born to be a teacher, Otto's sister Bronwyn decided from an early age that her goal in life was to give every child in the isolated valley where the two siblings reside a proper education. Being kidnapped has thrown a considerable wrench into these plans, and being separated from her younger brother, the apple of her eye, has left the usually altruistic and patient young woman in a foul mood that she won't hesitate to visit upon her captors.

A cruel and capable warlord from the harsh northern steppes. A successful military campaign has placed the land of Byron and its long-suffering people in the palm of her hand, but also left her unsatisfied, existentially bereft, and quickly sliding into indolence and hedonism. The stage is set for this slumbering beast to be roused from her stupor, but who can say whether good or ill will come of it?

Contains mild coarse language, alcohol consumption, partial nudity, sexual and adult themes including references and non-explicit depictions of prostitution, assault, and off-screen sex, and occasional gore, horror, and violence.


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Awesome artwork, i really liked it :)

I'm looking forward to what comes next^^

Thanks so much for your kind words!!! :D


I like the art style! Gives me Record of Lodoss War vibes (=

Thnx so much n_n!!!

I'm loving this game, its extremely well made. I wish you and your team the best.

Thanks so much for your kind words!

yuri dlc please

Can I ask, do you have any plans for a sequel with the same characters or a sequel set in the same world, with the world building done for the places outside the main country?


Hello, thank you very much for your interest!

We would like to continue making games and we have interest and ideas for expanding on the setting in the future. Any definitive announcements I'll endeavour to keep up to date on itch ^^.


I can't believe this is free. You didn't put a miner or something else alongside the program, did you? Jokes aside, it was a very enjoyable experience that left me wanting for more. I will be watching your future endeavors with great interest.


Thank you very much for your kind words and playing : ]!!


This is very good, you should be proud


Thank you very much ;; !!!


Does it have a gallery?


Yes, there are CG galleries for event CGs, Misc. art such as cut-ins, and background art, that unlocks as you playthrough the game :]

(1 edit) (+3)

What an *incredible* fairy-tale romp of adventure, romance, action, horror, and comedy! It's like The Princess Bride, and anyone familiar knows this is huge praise.

(I wrote a full writeup here!)

Thank you so much for your in-depth feedback! It is very much appreciated ^^


This came recommended by Christine "Ladykiller in a Bind" Love <3


Thank you very much for playing!


This was good fun. Thank you for making it! I'm astonished that it was free, given its scale and the attention to detail in things like the map. It really did feel like experiencing a moderately-horny, tonally-variable 80s/90s fantasy OVA in visual novel form, not just in the art and plot but right down to things like being primarily presented in 4:3, the morally correct aspect ratio.


Thank you for your kind words !!

the mac file doesn't seem to work

I'll try to do some investigating, my friend has macOS so I will try to determine if it's an issue with the build or maybe a permissions issue. Thank you for letting me know!


OK!!! I have uploaded a new mac build and ran it past my friend and it should work~ thank you for letting us know!